Electrical maintenance operation

Electrical maintenance operation

Apr 04, 2019

1 operational risk

Electric shock hazard, arc hazard or spark accident caused by short circuit of the circuit may occur during electrical maintenance operation, causing human body to suffer electric shock, burn caused by arc, explosion shock injury caused by arc and other injuries. In addition, electrical accidents may also cause fire, explosion and device power failure and other hazards.

2 safety measures

(1) before maintenance, contact the operator to cut off the power supply connected to the equipment, take locking measures, and hang a striking "no closing, working" sign on the switch box or the main gate.

(2) all those working on or near live equipment shall apply for operation license and implement license management procedures.

(3) operators shall wear labor protection articles as required (in line with "personal protective equipment requirements for substation work") and be familiar with the work contents, especially the opinions signed by operators.

(4) electrical operation can only be completed by qualified personnel with certificates, and must be carried out by more than two people, one of whom shall be under the supervision.

(5) the electrical monitoring personnel must receive professional training, obtain the qualification certificate, be qualified to cut off the power of the equipment, and start the alarm signal; Prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the dangerous area during operation; No other work shall be carried out.

(6) during maintenance, repair and fault treatment, no one may change or adjust the set value of protection and automatic device without authorization.

(7) analysis and prevention of arc hazards. For equipment with energy greater than 5.016J/m2, arc hazard analysis must be carried out to ensure safe and effective work.

(8) electrostatic hazard analysis should be carried out for processes or systems prone to generate electrostatic in maintenance, and corresponding measures and procedures should be developed to prevent electrostatic hazards.

(9) metal ladders, chairs and stools shall not be used in electrical work.