Electrical maintenance operation

Electrical maintenance operation

Sep 01, 2020

Electrical maintenance operation

Xiao Bai has been on the job for some time. That day, the master asked him to assist the technician to complete the electrical overhaul of the equipment and handed him the electrical circuit diagram. He also specifically asked him to do the power failure test and to Lockout Tagout after the power failure, so as to ensure the safety of the operators and to contact them in time if they did not understand anything. Small white think this matter is very simple, teacher why worry.

During the work, the master came to the work room, looked around and asked, "Does the equipment Lockout tagout in the power distribution room?"

Small white self-confidence answer: "teacher you all repeated told, I affirmation hang good ah."

The master asked again: "after the power, the equipment for testing, discharge?"

Small white in the mind "stomp" once, guiltily answer: "master, this power indicator light all off, affirmation power cut off, I have participated in the operation have not come out this kind of problem, don't test also won't matter."

The master immediately called off the operation: "It is standard operating procedure to test the equipment after power failure. How can you skip it based on your subjective judgment?"

The query of the teacher let small white more nervous, immediately answer a way: "I want to finish the task quickly, improve work efficiency..."

Hear small white say so, the master tone is more severe: "work pay attention to efficiency is right, but safety production must be put in the first place forever, electrical equipment maintenance, power isolation padlock, inching test, electric discharge...... Every process has its own safety considerations, not a single one can be saved, this is a hard bargain!"

Small white nod repeatedly, "master, I will surely complete each process steadily in the future, will not make such a mistake again."

Every position has corresponding responsibility for production safety. If anyone fails to fulfill the responsibility for safety in any link of the work, it is very likely to have a chain reaction, endangering the overall operation. After work, operators should always put safety production in the first place, do not seek efficiency and neglect safety issues.