Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Oct 06, 2020

Electrical hazards can be fatal. It is important to follow the same systematic approach used for other health and safety issues when dealing with electrical safety. 

It is imperative to know how to work safely with or within the vicinity of electricity because electrical current in regular businesses and homes have enough power that, if exposed to, can be fatal. 


Do I know what is Electrical hazard safety means & which guidelines should be followed? 

Do I know what is Lockout/Tagout meaning? 

Here you will find some basic guidelines to follow: 

Never use faulty equipment 

Clearly label equipment that should not be used due to a suspected fault 

 A minimum yearly check of electrical equipment must be performed at plant including infra-red testing to prevent electrical shock or fire 

 Disconnect power supply and remove from service until repairs have been done  

Repairs and alterations should only be attempted by a qualified person following proper energy isolation procedure 

Switch off equipment and power sockets before removing the plug from the power source 

Never use equipment outdoors that is labeled for use only in dry, indoor locations.

Switch off equipment before adjusting or cleaning it

Any equipment that can be switched off when not in use, should be switched off 

Do not use ungrounded, two-prong adapter plugs to three-prong cords and tools.