Energy isolation - anti-insecurity psychology

Energy isolation - anti-insecurity psychology

Jan 14, 2021

Energy isolation - anti-insecurity psychology

Fluke mind

Before the same operation is not out of trouble, put the potential danger behind, fluke that this time will not happen. But if once home, equipment, personnel changes, it is likely to cause an accident.

Paralysis of the psychological

Although I have received training and education, in a more stable situation, my safety thoughts and vigilance will unconsciously relax, and it is easy to dilute the safety procedures and preventive measures, resulting in the contempt of the operating procedures I have mastered and not strictly abide by the procedures.

Tricky to psychological

In order to get more comfortable and comfortable time, sometimes in order to rush the time to catch up with the work progress, in order to save time and effort, often opportunistic, simplify the operating procedures, across the operating procedures and so on.

Careless psychological

Think familiar with the job, careless when the operation, often to illegal operation place caused by the risk of the occurrence of more alert, to the temporary risk that did not happen, latent risk is taken lightly, the result happens the accident that expect is less than.

Brute-force psychological

The work method is simple and rough, the rules, careful as a mother, the medal system as rigid, with imagination at will "innovation" work methods, as long as the task can be completed do not think about whether the violation, whether in line with the requirements of measures.