Energy isolation background

Energy isolation background

Aug 13, 2020

Energy isolation background

Time node May 7, 2018

Establish standards and procedures for energy isolation management during equipment overhaul and maintenance, reduce and eliminate injury accidents in engineering equipment repair, maintenance, adjustment, commissioning and cleaning, etc., ensure that energy is effectively locked during operation, and establish a "safe locking" management mode.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 Dangerous Power Source Control (Lockout/ Tagout) ANSI Z244-2003 Dangerous Power Source Control (Lockout/ Tagout and Alternative Methods) ANSI B11.0-2010 Machinery Safety General Principles and Risk Assessment

Chinese Standard: GB/T 15706/2-2012 Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction for General Principles of Mechanical Safety Design GB/T 16856/2-2008 Risk Assessment for Mechanical Safety Part II: Implementation Guidelines and Examples of Methods GB/T 33579-2017 Machinery Safety Dangerous Energy Control Method Lockout Tagout -- latest, slowly becoming a call for national safety.

Considering the lack of specific promotion of energy isolation before, the foundation of energy isolation is relatively weak, so it takes time to get familiar with the operating run-in system.

Docking partner

1. All departments of the plant within the scope of LOTP implementation;

2. Equipment supplier.

3. Lockey Security Products Co., LTD., a third-party consultant

4. Group safety;

5. All contractors under Dongjiang Group must follow this standard.