Energy isolation lock

Energy isolation lock

Oct 08, 2020

"Energy isolation lock" of acrylic plant locks hidden dangers

One key, locked in a lock box that requires three keys to open. In order to retrieve the key, three key owners must be present at the same time and sign the corresponding documents.

This is not the scene of opening a safe in a bank. On October 9, Geng Li, deputy director of polymerization workshop of acrylic House of Daqing Petrochemical Company, demonstrated the "energy isolation" locking process.

Polymerization reaction area and raw material storage tank area of acrylic house belong to inflammable, explosive and toxic area. In order to ensure the safety of materials, the polymerization workshop combined with the group's energy isolation management regulations, applied the energy isolation lock to the production practice. In the production of differentiated varieties, in order to avoid the interlinking of materials of different varieties, the polymerization workshop locks out tag out after switching the connecting valve of the differentiated varieties storage tank. After the lock of the unicom valve in the "energy isolation lock" protection, without the permission of technical personnel can not be used, to ensure the production of differentiated products safe and orderly. As of September 30, the polymerization workshop produced nearly 370,000 tons of spinning solution, fulfilling the plan of 102.8%. Among them, the main quality indexes of the three varieties of differentiated original liquid, molecular weight and qualified rate of solid content all reached 99%, and qualified rate of VA content *, realizing safe, stable and efficient production.