Equipment defects are not repaired

Equipment defects are not repaired

Mar 16, 2020

Equipment defects are not repaired

Accident history:

In February 2004, when the operator Yang was preloading the back steel plate, he found that there was a sealant pad on the back steel plate. Yang illegally pushed the head into the equipment for internal inspection, because the equipment was in automatic state at that time. During the inspection process, the gun head of the equipment suddenly moved and stuck the head. Emergency treatment and rushed to the hospital died.

Cause of accident:

1. The equipment is not well matched with the mold and there are defects. The foam box needs to be checked by the operator, which is the direct cause of the accident.

2. During the automatic operation of the equipment, the operator Yang entered the equipment for inspection and seriously violated the safety operation rules of "no body part is allowed to enter the equipment", which was the main reason for the accident.

Accident liability:

1. The main reason for the accident is that the equipment department fails to timely find and maintain the foam.

2. The accident caused by Yang's violation of regulations is the main cause of the accident and he is mainly responsible for it.

3. The team leader, safety officer and sub-factory of the business division fail to timely check and stop the violation of rules and regulations on the scene, which is the indirect cause of the accident and shall be responsible for management.

Accident warning:

1. Comply with the safety regulations and operating procedures, is to ensure the safety of their own and others must have the most basic conditions, any negligence and negligence may lead to irreversible consequences.

2. Each unit shall study and improve the technical measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents, eliminate the possibility of illegal behavior from the aspects of equipment, facilities, technology and so on, and improve the safety of the equipment itself.