Examples of Lockout tagout verification

Examples of Lockout tagout verification

Oct 19, 2019

Examples of Lockout tagout verification -- mechanical energy

Close the valve;

Test and check whether there is stored pressure in pipelines, accumulators and cylinders, such as stored compressed air, gas, steam, water, liquid, etc.

Mechanical interlock protection, approved standard operating procedures or a valid work permit are required for openings with mechanical risks in the equipment area.

Chain protection is a means of energy control, it does not mean energy isolation!

Examples of Lockout tagout validation -- kinetic energy

During the breakdown of the forklift, a yellow warning board must be filled in and placed in a prominent position of the starting part to warn others not to use it. After repair, it shall be removed by the designated person on the yellow card. Apply steering wheel lock to prevent others from using forklift.

Each crane has its own isolation point

When inspecting the crown crane, perform energy control according to the crown crane isolation rules. The remote control must be controlled.

Fixed lock box of the remote control is set on the truck -- the remote control is put into the lock box during maintenance -- all maintenance personnel lock it -- the maintenance is finished, and the personal lock is removed to restore energy.

Examples - water energy, chemical energy

Close the valve, with the help of the locking device to achieve Lockout tagout;

Lockout tagout;

Confirm that isolation device, locking device and equipment lock/overhaul plate are intact and firm;

Verify that the switch cannot be changed.