Frequently asked questions about electrical safety 3

Frequently asked questions about electrical safety 3

Jun 06, 2020

Frequently asked questions about electrical safety 3

Problem Example 3

1) Problems commonly existing in low-voltage distribution cabinets

2) Problem example: The cable holes in the low-voltage distribution cabinet are not blocked

3) GB 50171-2012 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Wiring of Panels, Cabinets and Secondary Circuits for Electrical Installation Engineering

3.0.12 After the completion of installation and debugging, the bottom or top of the cable inlet and outlet, the cabinet and the outlet of the cable pipe shall be fireproof and sealed tightly.

Gb50054-2011 Low Voltage Distribution Design Specification

7.1.5 Fire blocking of cable laying shall comply with the following provisions:

1. When the wiring system passes through the floor, wall, roof, ceiling, partition and other building components, the pores of the system shall be sealed according to the provisions equivalent to the fire resistance rating of the building.

2. Cable fireproof plugging materials should be in accordance with fire resistance grade requirements, fireproof cement, fireproof partition, packing fire resistance pack or fireproof cap.

3. The structure of cable fire plugging shall meet the standard test under the condition of graded engineering

4) Rectification method: It is recommended to use fire-retardant mud of fire rating not less than 1.5 hours to fire plug the cable holes and spare cable holes, and the plugging is tight.

5) Unplugging of cable holes in low-voltage distribution cabinets is a common problem, which exists in 80% or more enterprises that have been evaluated.