General Lockout and Tagout Procedures 2

General Lockout and Tagout Procedures 2

Nov 12, 2020


(If energy isolating devices cannot accept a lock or lock and chain, tagouts may be used.)  Tagouts are essentially warning devices affixed to energy-isolating devices and do not provide the physical restraint on those devices that are provided by a lock.

Tagout devices, or where used, will be attached to clearly indicate, both in English and Chinese, that the operation or movement of energy isolating devices from the "safe" or "off" position is prohibited.

Additional safety measures must be considered when a tag is used without a lock.  The measures must provide a level of safety equivalent to that obtained by using a lock.  Examples of additional measures include removal of an isolating element, blocking of a controlling switch, opening an extra disconnecting device and danger tags used to indicate that a hazard exists.  Using tagged equipment could result in bodily injury, costly mechanical damage, fire or disruption of operations.

Whenever a lock and/or tag is applied an energy isolation/valve altered/tag list (see Section 6.1, Example of an Energy Isolation/Valve Altered/Tag List) will be completed to document the identity of the equipment and its location, the date and time, the reason, and the person installing the lock and/or tag.

Group Lockout

If the responsible supervisor or designated alternate determines that the implementation of a group lock box or comparable mechanism will provide a level of protection equivalent to that of the individual lockout/tagout device procedure, then a group lockout procedure may be used. The following steps should be implemented during the group lockout procedure;

the equipment is locked out by the job leader.

the keys to all of the locks used in the equipment isolation are placed in a lockable box.

Operator lock must always be the first on a last off.