Group isolation requirements - handover process

Group isolation requirements - handover process

Dec 19, 2019

Group isolation requirements - handover process

Responsibilities of isolation leader:

The formal handover will include:

Barrier of isolation

Review of the isolation steps of the program

Communicate changes

The leader of the isolation team who took over signed the handover form

Group isolation requirements - disuse

Responsibilities of isolation leader:

Make sure everything is done

Make sure there are no personal locks or device locks on the isolation board

Remove the group lock and isolation procedure from the isolation panel

Identifies the isolation board in the unenabled state or as unenabled

Organize isolation personnel to conduct equipment isolation

Group gree requirements - enables isolation and connection isolation multiple times

Using the same isolation procedure, the group isolation is lifted and restarted

To allow testing and positioning of equipment

Risk assessment must be performed

Primary isolation was performed

Isolation needs to be partially removed - after all personal locks have been removed

Equipment tested

If necessary, the device is isolated again

Emergency response

Responsibilities of isolation leader/isolator:

Use your own personal locks or single point of isolation on the isolation board to protect emergency personnel (when they need access to the quarantined area)

Coordinate isolation/isolation requirements as required

Assist in isolating influencers as required