High risk operations - Work permit required

High risk operations - Work permit required

Dec 31, 2020

High risk operations - Work permit required


Work permit is required for the following jobs,

Jobs with fire risk,

Jobs that are at risk of explosion,

Working in pipes or confined Spaces,

Work to be performed by at least one or more working groups unless there is no risk of variation between working groups.

Chimney prevention and maintenance work without safety protection system and work at high places,

Work on equipment with a voltage of more than 600V,

Work on piping, critical, pumps or equipment where hazardous substances or high pressures are present

High risk operation

Work in which there is a risk of potentially serious accidents, such as restricted space entry, hot work, in-line drilling, disconnection of piping, digging, operations affecting evacuation, escape or first aid systems, Lockout Tagout, roofing or elevated work.