high-tension apparatus

high-tension apparatus

May 04, 2019

High voltage equipment

1. The high-voltage equipment shall execute the scheduling order, which shall be operated uniformly by the dispatcher;

2. Employees' labor insurance articles meet the standards;

3. High voltage tools have good insulation performance;

4. High voltage tools have good insulation performance;

5. When the high-voltage equipment is out of operation, the distribution electrician will put the emergency stop button in the unreset state;

6. Strictly implement the first kind of work ticket and tagout system, confirm and review according to the procedures of the issuer, the person in charge of the work ticket, the person in charge of the shift and the dispatch, and set up a special person to supervise;

7. Dispatching and contacting tiandiao to take safety measures for the high voltage equipment inspected (grounding wires are hung);

8. Safety belt should be worn in transformer operation, and the safety belt should be fastened on the upper part of chest of personnel of equal height;

9. At the end of the maintenance operation, tools and sundries around the high-pressure equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned, and all personnel on site shall be evacuated;

10. Confirm that the high-voltage equipment has been overhauled, and notify the person in charge on duty and the guardian of the work ticket to take contact safety measures for the high-voltage equipment inspected (remove the grounding wire, reset the high-voltage trolley, and remove the grounding wire);

11. Dispatching contact tiandiao to contact the safety measures of the high voltage equipment inspected (remove the grounding wire);

12. Dispatch and inform the shift leader of the production workshop to prepare for power transmission, and confirm the completion of all maintenance work and the evacuation of on-site personnel;

13. Dispatching contact tiandiao to get the permission of power transmission, dispatching notifies the distribution electrician to reset the emergency stop button and prepare for power transmission.