How to prevent line accidents?

How to prevent line accidents?

Jul 30, 2020

How to prevent line accidents?

Related certificates

When operators need to operate, maintain, install, overhaul, transform, construct and debug the electrical equipment and circuit system, they must hold qualified electrician certificate before taking up the post.

Hidden perils

Before the operation, arrange a potential danger of electric shock detection for the relevant lines, focusing on the vibration and friction positions of the wires, sharp metal edges and corners of the wires, and wires that are easy to be gnashed by rats.

To ensure that the power outage

Before operation, the power lines in the operation area must be completely cut off, and the power box should be Lockout tagout.

Live work needs monitoring

Only after examination and approval can live work be carried out. Low-voltage live work should be monitored by a special person, using tools with insulating handle, standing on dry insulation when working, wearing gloves and helmet, and wearing long-sleeved clothes.

Set the leakage protect

The leakage protection switch should be set for the power lines that often need maintenance.

On-site training

Safety management personnel should make full technical disclosure of site safety to operators, point out operation risk points, and improve safety awareness of operators. Relevant safety control measures must be taken for site crossing operation.