Hydraulic or pneumatic system

Hydraulic or pneumatic system

Jun 23, 2020

Hydraulic or pneumatic system

Lock the hydraulic or pneumatic system. For example, for a cylinder that controls a valve, follow these five steps:

1. Identify machines or equipment that need to be locked.

2. Turn off the machine or equipment to ensure that all movable parts are completely stopped.

3. Find the source of energy before cutting it off in one of the following ways:

Disconnect the power supply from the steam pump/oil pump or compressor

Close the valve supplying the cylinder

4. Lock the power insulation device or valve. To prevent the drop brake made of the air lock in the cylinder from accidentally falling at noon or having to be supported or supported at noon.

5. Test whether the lock has been properly locked to effectively shut off the power. Make sure that the steam pump/oil pump or compressor does not start the air/fluid flow and does not pass through the valves. Make sure that there is no residual pressure in the pipe, tank/tank or accumulator connected to the cylinder - release all accumulated pressure. Make sure there is no residual energy in the system.