Implement safety protection measures

Implement safety protection measures

Apr 11, 2019

The person in charge of maintenance and the executor shall wear the labor protection articles and carry out the safety protection measures according to the site conditions.

1. Add support frame, pad iron or guardrail to parts of equipment that fall, move or rotate.

2. The equipment that causes electric shock accident due to incorrect operation can be connected with grounding wire.

3. For the equipment with high temperature and scald danger, the temperature shall be measured with the thermometer gun first, and then the operation shall be carried out when the temperature drops to the operating temperature that can be operated by wearing labor protection gloves.

4. Safety belt must be worn when working at height. Safety belts must be thoroughly checked before use to ensure no damage.

5. A thick strip must be used to separate the servicer from the moving strip when working in a passing environment.

6. Before the equipment maintenance of multi-point control, the control points must be dealt with one by one to prevent misoperation, and the prohibited operation board must be hung.

After the completion of the implementation of safety protection measures, safety supervisors must carry out safety inspection.

According to the maintenance card requirements for maintenance

The person in charge of maintenance shall arrange the maintenance work in strict accordance with the maintenance items in the maintenance card.

The maintainer shall carry out maintenance one by one according to the tasks assigned by the person in charge of maintenance to ensure the integrity and high quality of maintenance. In the maintenance process to always keep a clear mind, seriously treat every detail, ready to send electricity at any time.

Safety supervisor intermittently supervision, remind, once found a safety hazard, immediately make it stop maintenance, and carry out rectification, rectification can continue to work after qualified.

In case of cross-operation during maintenance, the person in charge of maintenance shall contact the person in charge of the other party for coordination, and explain the nature of the work and matters needing attention to the other party. Also for some possible emergencies, the arrangement of security measures to ensure the safety of both sides of the personal safety and equipment safety.

Self-check after overhaul

After the completion of maintenance, the person in charge of maintenance and the executor shall check the maintenance items one by one at the same time. Check the work to be careful, do not miss any screw, a thread. Not only to strictly control the quality of maintenance, from the appearance must also be beautiful. If any omission or irregularity is found, it shall be corrected in time to ensure that there will be no future trouble.

Clean up the site, remove the security measures, delist and send power

After passing the self-inspection, the maintainer shall check whether the tools are complete in case of short-circuit fault during power transmission. The sundries in the maintenance process should be all cleaned up and sorted according to the requirements. After the cleaning, the maintenance person in charge and the maintenance of the removal of security measures, ready to delist power. Before delisting, the person in charge of maintenance should make inspection around the equipment, observe whether others are working, and inform the other two persons in charge to prepare power transmission after confirming that no one is working. Before power transmission, the safety supervisor must check the removed safety protection measures and confirm that there is no safety