Inspection of maintenance cases

At 0:30 on January 28, 2001, Chen mou of chief of duty of one class of chemical engineering of sure ammonium workshop, qin mou of monitor, Yin mou, wang mou waits for a person to be on night shift, after handing over a shift, go to post go to work respectively. One of the duties of Chen and qin includes the inspection of the phosphoric acid section, the post operator of the pan filter of Yin department and the post operator of the central control of the phosphoric acid section of wang department, whose duties include the inspection of the filter. At 5:30, the factory's dispatch office informed the industrial water shortage, and the phosphoric acid section stopped due to water shortage. 7, Chen, Yin section 3 a, wang mou in phosphoric acid on the third floor (ground floor) dredge disc filter plate of water pipe, after processing, 7 45 points around the system formally to drive, XXL left on the third floor for other jobs, and a yoon after DiaoChong water volume and the Angle to the flocculant charging platform (from the floor on the second floor elevation difference of 3 m) flocculant flow (size, Yin one saw wang mou is on the third floor filter hot bucket location. After more than a minute, Yin suddenly heard a tragic cry at the filter, hurried down to the operation room to turn off the power supply of the filter host, and then ran out of the operation room to see wang hanging upside down on the filter guide. Yin quickly called chief Chen and a few workers, together emergency rescue. At that time, the scene was as follows: wang's face was hanging upside down on the guide rail, his hands were hanging upside down outside the rail, his feet were hanging down in the gap (200mm) between the guide rail (fixed facilities) and the platform (rotating equipment, which had been stopped), and his thigh was stuck between the turning fork (rotating equipment with the platform) and the guide rail, which had been obviously fractured. Rescuers quickly reversed the filter after the removal of wang, and carried to the phosphoric acid control room (second floor), after emergency scene rescue eventually died of his injuries at 8:25.

Cause and nature of the accident

(1) wang's own illegal work is the main direct cause of the accident. It is wang mou to go to work time labor protect to wear not standard, the button is not buckled, cause to be rolled over by wheel roll in observation process run over hard get out, enter dangerous area; However, wang mou violated the operation rules when observing the auxiliary materials. The observation on the taste operation platform was caused by the convenient drawing and the dangerous area on the side of the main column of the guide rail, resulting in the injury accident.

(2)wang's inadequate handling of dangerous situations and mental stress are another reason for the accident. When the danger appeared, according to the platform running speed and post-mortem analysis, wang had enough time and means to escape. But wang mou safety skill is poorer, ego prevents ability not strong.

(3)Lax enforcement of rules and regulations is another cause of the accident. Through wang mou labor keeps things to wear and enter dangerous area operation to be able to see, although the spot hangs have operating regulation, but the behavior that duty personnel corrects to wang mou in time, explain a worker to be in "the safety of others I have responsibility" and safe hold a regulation, execute the law to still have blind alley on, ought to take warning from.