Isolation Measures 2

Isolation Measures 2

Apr 30, 2020

What the accident taught us

1. According to the "Lockout tagout management regulations for equipment maintenance", the equipment in fault, maintenance and repair should be listed to warn the equipment in fault, maintenance and repair; Valves for partition equipment, including those that must be closed after blind mounting (or line disconnection), must be locked with padlocks and chains or similar appliances. Warning is not allowed only on the valve.

2. During equipment maintenance, it is strictly prohibited to isolate equipment and pipeline materials with valves, which is a non-standard "isolation" measure. According to the "energy isolation safety management regulations", the equipment in the maintenance state must be separated with a blind plate, or completely disconnected. In particular, if hot fluid is likely to flow out or personnel need to enter the equipment, the requirements of installing blind plates or disconnecting pipelines must be implemented.

3. When the pressure of the fluid exceeds 600psi(4.0MPa) or the temperature is close to or higher than the spontaneous combustion point, double block valves and vent valves should be installed. The purpose is not to isolate, but to install blind plates safely.

4, strengthen the management team succession, do "make" clearly, "pick up" to understand that the equipment specification, troubleshooting handover to make sure that the, it is strictly prohibited to privately verbal handover, problems of equipment must be in clear shift team meeting, and written handover, delivery personnel everyone clearly understand, prevent omissions and later traced, form a closed-loop management.

5, to improve and implement the equipment maintenance safety management system, do a good job of risk identification before maintenance, safety measures check and confirm, it is strictly prohibited to carry out maintenance operations without the maintenance permit.

6, to improve the safety awareness of employees, work responsibility, enhance their safety business skills. Before the maintenance operation, in strict accordance with the "equipment maintenance safety management system", do a good job before the maintenance of the equipment to hand over maintenance safety confirmation, do a good job before the operation of the hazard risk identification, according to the maintenance operation can be filled out, and carefully check the site to confirm the safety measures, layer upon layer to implement the point, the implementation of a special task.

7. The training and learning of safe operation procedures of operators should be strengthened to standardize operation and prohibit illegal operation.