Isolation mode and requirements

Isolation mode and requirements

Sep 22, 2020

Mechanical isolation - Blind plate/blind flange

Blind isolation:

The use of a blind plate will blind the parts associated with the operating area that may produce energy leakage to ensure that the isolated energy will not be released causing damage to human health and the environment.


Install at the end of an open pipe or valve

A blind or flange of the corresponding pressure level (marked on the side of the flange) must be used


Use between two flanges of pipeline

Must conform to the thickness/grade of piping and equipment


Mechanical isolation - Blind/handle isolation plate


Mechanical isolation - blind plate

Precautions for blind plate isolation:

Prior to installation, the equipment, pressure relief and drainage should be confirmed

The installed blind plate must meet the requirements of the pressure class. The blind plate must be inspected for corrosion or other damage before use

Personnel should stand on the side to separate the flange to prevent possible liquid or gas injection to the human body injury

A new gasket must be used when installing a permanent blind