Isolation preparation

Isolation preparation

Apr 25, 2020

Isolation preparation - specify "device isolation plan"

Identify hazards associated with the equipment to be isolated

Identify the isolation points on the flow meter diagram

Determine how to shut down and decompress equipment

Isolation preparation - energy isolation sheet

Record all isolation points on the energy isolation sheet

The energy isolation sheet shall be kept at the work site together with the work permit.

Isolation preparation - general requirements (according to operating procedures)

All personnel working in isolation must know

The equipment was shut down

The proper place to isolate

Isolate all power sources of a device

Clam preparation - general requirements (according to operating procedure)

Safely empty toxic or flammable liquids and gases

Flammable liquid discharge to the same potential to zero leakage storage area to prevent electrostatic fire

At the first flange nearest to the device to be opened, isolate the processing device

In the process of emptying or relieving the pressure of the process processing equipment, the adjacent area cannot carry out the thermal work.