Key to energy isolation 1

Key to energy isolation 1

Dec 10, 2019

Key to energy isolation 1

Release residual energy in the device, such as:

The electrical energy stored in a capacitor;

The energy stored in the hydraulic system;

Residues of chemicals;

The potential energy stored in a mechanical component of a device.

Key to energy isolation 2

Test runs require removal or partial removal of the isolation imposed;

The test run will be approved by the permit issuer. The issuer will tick and sign at the respective locations of the permit and isolation certificate;

Isolation can only be removed if authorized and signed on the isolation certificate.

Key to energy isolation 3

Affected personnel or operations;

Temporary safety precautions, such as placing barriers and warnings around unshielded equipment.

The permit issuer signs in the indication column before the "temporary desegregation" column of the desegregation requiring temporary desegregation on the quarantine certificate, and the isolator signs in the "temporary desegregation" column the date and time of the desegregation.

When the isolation is resumed and the isolation certificate is returned to the permit issuer, the work specified in the permit may be authorized to continue.

Key to energy isolation 4

If for some reason the operation needs to be terminated for an extended period of time, but the isolation cannot be removed, the "long isolation" procedure is followed.

Key to energy isolation 5

Validation of alternative isolation methods and risk assessment

If the method recommended on the process isolation selection table cannot be used for isolation, the issuer shall be responsible for the approval and risk assessment of alternative isolation methods.

Isolation shall not be imposed without consent of the parties to the assessment.