Knowledge of energy isolation

Knowledge of energy isolation

Sep 03, 2020

Knowledge of energy isolation

1. The security management department is responsible for the comprehensive supervision and management of locking and listing, assisting in the publicity and implementation training of standards, guiding the promotion and implementation, etc.

2. The production department participates in the formulation of the standards and lists of the locked listing, and is responsible for the specific implementation and implementation of the locked listing.

Management requires adherence to the principle of Lockout tagout of one energy source per person.

According to the principle of unlocking the lock before unlocking the public lock, unlocking the sign after unlocking the public lock, and unlocking the sign after unlocking the Lockout. Only the person who executes Lockout Tagout has the right to unlock and remove the tag after the work is completed.

5. Abnormal unlocking provisions: the lock must be unlocked with the permission of the lock owner or with the confirmation of the supervisors of both the local unit and the operating unit. And make sure to inform the employee that the lock has been removed before he or she returns to work.

6. "Guidelines for Company Lockout Tagout" will take effect on January 1, 2019.

7. The electromechanical management department shall be specifically responsible for the comprehensive promotion of locking and listing, the rectification and promotion of electrical equipment, mechanical equipment and other energy equipment to ensure that the energy equipment has the conditions for Lockout Tagout.

8. The locking device and the listing device shall indicate the identity and contact number of the authorized person using the device.