Line - Lockout tagout

Line - Lockout tagout

Jul 28, 2020

Case 1

At about 19:40 on June 4, a worker in a construction project under construction in Shenzhen was electrocuted during the wiring process with a screwdriver and was confirmed dead at 120 on the scene.

Cause of the accident: The preliminary analysis is that the power was not cut off before wiring operation. During the operation, the operator touched the metal part of the working tool. The metal tool touched the live wire and the current flowed through the body and led to the earth, forming an electric shock circuit and causing the accident.

Case 2

At about 10:25 a.m. on July 1, a repairman in a science and technology park in Shenzhen was dealing with a circuit trip failure in the toilet. When the circuit of the exhaust fan in the ceiling was examined and repaired, it was electrocuted.

The cause of the accident: a preliminary analysis for the repairman without examination and approval of charged operation, the exhaust fan circuit wiring operations within the ceiling, hand touching the wire or metal parts are trimming tools, the body on the ceiling keel, current deduced by hand into and from other parts of your body, get an electric shock accidents.

Both incidents could have been avoided if the operator had not been working with live electricity and if a leakage protection switch had been installed in the circuit.

Unsafe human behavior

1. Operation without qualification. When operating the electrical equipment and circuit system for operation, maintenance, installation, overhaul, transformation, construction, debugging and other operations, operators must have qualified electrician certificate to work.

2. Illegal live operation. Operators operate in electrical equipment and circuit systems without or partially without power failure.

An unsafe state of affairs

1. The line is equipped with dangerous voltage. The line touched during operation has dangerous voltage, once the human body touches the line with dangerous voltage, it is very easy to have electric shock accident.

2. Equipment failure. When the equipment to be repaired has ground fault and leakage protection switch fault, the operator may work live without taking safety measures, which is likely to cause accidents.

Environmental insecurity

It's hot. Due to the hot weather, the human body sweates a lot, and the contact resistance of the workers decreases after the sweat is wet. After electric shock occurs, the current through the human body increases compared with that in dry environment, making it difficult for people to get rid of the charged body, thus causing electric shock death more easily.

Defects in management

1. The enterprise has not formulated the safe operation rules for electricians or the contents of the safe operation rules for electricians are not sound.

2. The enterprise does not provide enough safety education and training for operators, resulting in the lack of relevant job safety knowledge.

3. Lack of safety management personnel to inspect the operation site and fail to timely stop the illegal and risky operation.