Lock management program

Lock management program

Jul 18, 2020

Lock management program

Management of locking appliance

Locking appliances including personal locks and "Hazard - Do not Operate" warning signs;

Each production unit shall be equipped with individual locks, etc.;

Each lock should be numbered and the master key inserted in the lock;

Each unit has a master key that can open all the electrical locks, and the key is kept by the person in charge of the equipment area.

Locks shall be kept by personnel in charge of each equipment area. Locks and keys shall be complete and correspond to the number.  

2 lock management during inspection and maintenance;

Lock your program

A) Before the overhaul, the operator's supervisor shall organize professional engineers and participating employees to identify the hazardous sources that may cause accidental injuries during the operation, identify the positions that may produce hazardous sources, determine the isolation plan, specify the specific isolation measures in the operation plan and submit them for approval according to regulations. Hazards include rotating equipment (such as water pump shaft), high-pressure liquids, flammable liquids, high-pressure gases, flammable gases, electrical injuries, etc.

B) The person in charge of the equipment area shall notify the person on duty to issue personal locks, keys, locking appliances and labels to the designated professional engineer or the guardian of the operation; If the person in charge of the equipment area is unable to be present, he/she may authorize and issue the spare key to the designated professional engineer or the designated guardian of the operation. When sending the lock, the giver shall fill in all the contents before "I. Preparation for isolation and locking" in the Energy Isolation Sheet.

C) Assign a professional engineer or guardian to inform the operator that the pre-determined equipment is about to be locked, explain the reasons for locking, and explain the requirements and methods of locking, and then issue the personal lock, key, locking appliance and label to the operator;

D) Designate a professional engineer or guardian to close the operating equipment and separate the equipment from the energy by operating switches, valves or other energy isolation equipment;

E) The designated professional engineer or guardian shall supervise the operation of the isolation equipment and the locking process of the isolation equipment by the operators according to "Inspection of the isolation and locking process" in the Energy Isolation Sheet. The guardian shall sign for confirmation after the completion of the isolation and locking;

F) Operators should take the keys with them and start the operation.