Lock out Tag out

Lock out Tag out

Oct 10, 2020

Lock out Tag out is also the responsibility of the machine manufacturer

As for the management of dangerous energy in machines, especially the control of dangerous energy during maintenance and other work tasks, as early as May 12, 2017, the state promulgated the GB/T 33579-2017 "Mechanical Safety Dangerous Energy Control Method Locking/Listing", which will be formally implemented from December 1, 2017. As one of the drafting units of the standard, Peel Magnetic also wanted to share with you the highlights of the standard before its formal implementation.

When talking about "lock out tag out", many people think of nothing but the simple steps of "turn off", "lock out" and "hang out" on the electrical circuit breaker. Or it seems that the "lock out" is only related to the user of the machine and has little to do with our machine manufacturer.

In fact, in the fifth chapter of the standard, the requirements for manufacturers are stated immediately. After all, the source of the safety of the machine comes from the design of each manufacturer. There are three main requirements mentioned:

1) In the design and manufacture of the machine, the machine should be stable and reliable to ensure that there is no need for excessive human intervention. That is to say, the machine is reliable and people don't have to intervene frequently, so it's the safest.

2) In the design of the machine, the user's convenience to lock out tag out should be considered as far as possible. Therefore, the manufacturer should consider whether the lock point is provided, the location of the lock point and whether the height is appropriate.

3) If some operations cannot completely disconnect the energy, but are under the condition of partial energy gain, the manufacturer should conduct risk assessment at this time to determine additional protective devices for control and guarantee personnel safety.

Therefore, although lock out Tag out seems to be the responsibility of the device user, it is also very important for the machine manufacturer to control the security design