Lock out/ tag out: A worldwide success

Lock out/ tag out: A worldwide success

Oct 13, 2020

Lock out/ tag out: A worldwide success

United States Federal Government regulation 21CFR1910.147 and the European Workplace Guidelines state that machines and other equipment are required to be safely separated from the energy supply to prevent them from being reenergized due to accidents.

The Lock out/ Tag out system (the Lock out and Tag out safety procedures or LOTO) is not mandatory in European law, but there are specific legal requirements that can only be met by using the Lock out/ Tag out process. The increasing adoption of the Lock out/ Tag out process by enterprises worldwide shows many examples of industries following best practices.

 in this regard, the American law 21 cfr1910. 147 describes the minimum requirements of the following:

 develop a regular lock out/tag out policy

 to draft a need to lock out/tag out of the process equipment list

 ensure that all need to be lock out/tag out device can be used

 the lock out/tag out procedures for related equipment

 to lock out/tag out simple personnel, and training them to identify the hazards

Lockey provides a complete set of services to implement the lock/tag system, including two phases: Lock out/ Tag out analysis and individual lock out/ tag out process adoption. Lockey's international team of security experts helps companies evaluate their existing Lock out/ tag out systems to ensure that employees are properly protected.