Lock port

Lock hole refers to the connection between the lock core and the lock object, which is located in the lock object. The lock core ACTS on the lock object through it, including groove lock, hole lock, hoop lock, ring lock and so on. Other accessories include: upper cover, lower cover, clamp, bolt lock, bolt, nut, etc.

The operation of the lock key corresponds to the lock core. When the lock core rotates clockwise (or counter-clockwise), the lock core extends into (or exits from) the lock port and sets the lock object in the lock state or unlock state. When placed in the locking state, the locking object is locked and cannot be moved effectively, so as to achieve the purpose of "preventing unauthorized power transmission and lid opening operation"; When placed in the unlocked state, the locking object (switch isolation switch handle, button, etc.) is not locked and can be effectively moved, but only power transmission or lid opening operation.