Lockout and tagout new regulations

Lockout and tagout new regulations

Dec 24, 2020

Sixteen new provisions on strengthening the implementation of the principal responsibilities of production and business operation entities

1. Clarifying the principal position of production safety of the production and business operation entity

2. Make it clear that it is necessary to promote the standardization of production safety and improve the level of production safety.

3. It clearly requires the improvement of the responsibility system for production safety.

4. It shall be made clear that the relevant production and business operation entities shall draw production safety expenses for use.

5. Improve the safety management organization setup and staffing requirements.

6. Bring metal smelting, road transportation and construction projects used for loading and unloading hazardous substances into high-risk enterprises for safety supervision.

7. Increase the seven responsibilities of the work safety administration organization and the work safety administration personnel and guarantee measures for their performance of duties.

8. Improve production safety education and training measures.

9. Improve the "three simultaneity" system of safety facilities in construction projects.

10. Strengthen safety supervision of special equipment.

11. Improve and perfect measures to force the elimination of processes and equipment that seriously endanger production safety.