Lockout and tagout procedures

Lockout and tagout procedures

May 30, 2019

Lockout and tagout programs

1. Identify the source of dangerous energy before work, fill out Lockout and tagout work order, and inform relevant personnel of the work

2. Stop the machine according to the normal procedure to stop the working equipment.

3. Isolate the type and isolation point of identified dangerous energy, set the energy isolation device such as valve parts, electrical switches and energy storage accessories in the appropriate position, or make the equipment unable to operate or the dangerous energy cannot be released with the help of specific facilities. It must be ensured that all energy sources are isolated (including primary and secondary sources).

4. Release of stored or residual energy in the equipment prior to possible exposure. Check the machine and ensure that all parts of the equipment are stopped, release the remaining pressure, seize or support the parts that may fall, open the exhaust valve and discharge the gas from the pipe. If the energy can be resumed, strict monitoring must be carried out to ensure that the energy is below the danger level.

5.Lockout and tagout according to the isolation list, relevant personnel shall select appropriate locks for the equipment that has been isolated, fill in the danger warning sign, implement Lockout and tagout, and ensure that the energy isolation device is kept in a safe position to prevent the occurrence of misoperation. All personnel implementing Lockout and tagout must be graded on the work order and have procedures in place to clearly define lock key control.

6. Confirm and test before the work starts, the relevant personnel should confirm the isolation or removal of the dangerous energy cup, such as observing the pressure gauge, visual mirror or page indicator, confirm that the stored dangerous energy has been removed or properly blocked, check that the power supply wire has been disconnected and the rotating equipment has stopped rotating. The test starts or moves the equipment to ensure that the dangerous energy source has been completely controlled.

7. Work to install, maintain, repair, adjust, clear blockage, inspect, operate, process or construct.

8. After the unlocking and decking work, check whether there are no left tools, spare parts and other work areas on the equipment and no irrelevant personnel are detained. Lockout and tagout personnel will release their locks and tags one by one and register on the work order.

9. Energy recovery remove the energy isolation device and restore the energy supply of the equipment.

10. Equipment test: conduct necessary tests on the restored machine to confirm its operation status. Inform all relevant personnel that the equipment is ready for operation.

Resume production in accordance with the normal procedures to start the work equipment, resume production.