Lockout-Basic information of production safety law

Lockout-Basic information of production safety law

Dec 22, 2020

Basic information of production safety law

After the promulgation of the Law on production safety, the state has eliminated many clear requirements on production safety.

The State Council has issued the Decision on Further Strengthening Work Safety. In the decision, the state has put forward the three-step principle of work safety: Gradual improvement, stable improvement and fundamental improvement.

The State has also issued the Notice of The State Council on The Work safety of Enterprises with further increase in wages.

The state has also closely linked security and scientific development to further improve the security situation.

The general requirements of the new work safety law

Priority number one: we must always put human life and safety first.

Final goal: safeguard safe production, maintain social harmony, realize safe development.

Legal approach: Comprehensively improve the position of work safety.