Lockout tagout

Lockout tagout

Nov 30, 2019

Lockout tagout

The Lockout tagout operation must be performed by the operator himself.

During Lockout tagout operation, if the operator does not have relevant professional qualification, it must be completed under the guidance of the professional. It is strictly forbidden for others to replace Lockout tagout operation.

After the lock is completed, the operator shall carry with him the key of the lock. "Dangerous prohibited operation" tag must be used together with the lock.

When there are more than two inspection and maintenance operations, and the lock needs to be carried out at the same isolation point, the interlocking device and the lock should be combined to achieve safety lock.

It is necessary to use the interlock and lock tool to lock the isolation point.

"Dangerous prohibited operation" listing date (time), reason and other contents should be filled in completely, clearly and accurately. The listing should be filled in by the operator himself, and no one can alter or change it.