Safety begins with adequate planning and preparation. In order to prevent accidents or injuries, effective safety policies must be in place, and plant workers and contractors must be familiar with and strictly follow the following safety procedures. Important safety requirements in the operation of a photovoltaic power station include proper use of the lock/tag procedure (LOTO), proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), safe disconnection of live circuits, and careful observation and compliance with all signs and warnings associated with photovoltaic systems.

1. Lockout/Tagout

The purpose of the lockout/tagout process is to ensure that the plant personnel strictly follow these safe practices - always turn off power before maintaining the system. In 29 CFR1910.147 contains the corresponding terms for locking/listing.

When equipment repairs are carried out and safety precautions are removed, the operations personnel must either contact a part of his body with the operating part of the machine or enter the dangerous area during operation of the machine and then lock/tag it.

Steps of lockout/tagout:

• inform others that the device will be turned off;

• perform controlled shutdown to shut down the equipment;

• turn on all energy isolation devices marked with specific lockout/tagout procedures;

• lock all energy isolators and tag all locked energy isolators;

• release stored or surplus energy;

• verify that the device is completely disconnected by attempting to operate the device;

• verify that the device is completely disconnected by the voltmeter detecting the voltage.

The correct lockout/tagout procedure labels include:

• name, date and location of the person who placed the lock/tag program;

• detailed information about specific device shutdown specifications;

• a list of all energy and separation devices;

• labels indicate the nature and magnitude of potential or residual energy stored on the device.

During maintenance, the device should be locked and unlocked only by those who are locked. Locking devices, such as padlocks, should be approved by the lockout/tagout procedure. Safety protocols should be followed to inform others that the device is about to be energized before rewiring.

2. Personal protective devices and other safety devices

3. Operations and maintenance personnel must understand the personal protective devices required for a particular job and wear them upon completion of the operation. Personal protection includes fall protection, arc protection, fire protection clothing, heat insulation gloves, safety boots and safety glasses. The ppe is designed to help operations personnel minimize exposure to the photovoltaic system itself. For potential hazards of photovoltaic systems, the selection of appropriate personal protective devices is critical to the safe completion of work. All plant personnel must be trained in identifying hazards and selecting appropriate personal protective equipment to eliminate or reduce their occurrence.