Lockout tagout conclusion

Lockout tagout conclusion

Aug 10, 2019

Lockout tagout conclusion

Rules and regulations are usually based on the relevant professional theory, and a long period of experience and lessons of many relevant events in the western region, summed up and gradually improved so as to establish. There's a lot of blood behind the rules,

It is a powerful measure for safety production and staff safety. It's a constraint, but it's a safeguard. The former is the form and the means, the latter is the end.

The design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance of equipment have corresponding standards and requirements in each link, which is the barrier of employee safety. Once this barrier is broken, tragedy may occur.

Events more reason is the management of safety awareness is not enough, in the process of production management and did not reflect the safety of the people-oriented concept, the pursuit of production rate and production efficiency, leads to deviation in the direction of management, the safety inputs (including equipment and the investment of time) was compressed and cause a downturn of the frequent accidents of safety performance, so that the loss of market. The short-sighted view of reduced safety input is difficult to see the delayed safety benefit.

In the process of executing the Lockout tagout procedure, one should abandon the fluke mentality and strictly follow the requirements, rather than just go through the formalities and deal with the inspection. The safety of employees can only be ensured if they follow the requirements carefully.