Lockout tagout executor - authorized person

Lockout tagout executor - authorized person

Nov 07, 2019

Lockout tagout executor - authorized person

Lockout tagout is required for all personnel who need access to hazardous areas of equipment, including maintenance, cleaning, adjustment, inspection, lubrication, plug removal, etc. These personnel must be authorized to enter dangerous areas of equipment and perform Lockout tagout.

To become an authorized person, one must undergo Lockout tagout training, have taken the theory test, and be certified on site.

Qualification confirmation: a way to see if employees really understand the basic steps of Lockout tagout by performing Lockout tagout on site.

Method: the factory Lockout tagout expert shall confirm the subordinate manager/supervisor, and then the manager/supervisor shall confirm the team leader, operator and level by level. Each employee who passes the qualification confirmation shall have one Lockout tagout qualification confirmation form.

Plant establishment (authorized personnel list) and approval by plant manager.