Lockout tagout management basic requirements

Lockout tagout management basic requirements

Jul 25, 2019

Lockout tagout management basic requirements

(1) when conducting unconventional operations, in order to avoid accidental release of accumulated energy or materials in the equipment, facilities or system area, all isolation points of energy and materials should be locked and listed.

(2) before implementing Lockout tagout, relevant requirements of work permit shall be met, and work permit management procedures shall be specifically implemented.

(3) prior to the commencement of operations, it is the responsibility of both territorial and operational personnel to ensure that isolation is in place and to perform Lockout tagout.

(4) under special circumstances, if the valve or power switch of special size cannot be locked, the person in charge of the territorial unit may sign the sign without locking, and adopt other means when necessary to meet the requirements of locking.

(5) the handover of personal locks should be completed in the cross-class operation.

(6) the selection of locks shall not only meet the requirements of locking, but also meet the safety requirements of the operation site.