Lockout tagout procedures

Lockout tagout procedures

Sep 03, 2019

Lockout tagout procedures

The following jobs must be Lockout tagout

Equipment operations connected to power systems, such as electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic devices

Non - repetitive, non - routine installation, commissioning and maintenance work.

A device that connects power directly from a socket.

Where hazardous energy may be suddenly released (including but not limited to point, steam, chemical, pneumatic, mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, spring reset and heavy fall)

Exceptions: electrical outlets outside the operator's control.

Definition: authorized operation/staff: in the locking process, the only staff who can lock and unlock and restart the energy and equipment, such as the maintenance staff in the maintenance operation, the electronic instrument staff, the workshop staff who carry out the replacement of roots and valves, etc.

The responsible person of the relevant departments shall implement this regulation and designate the authorized staff to work in Lockout tagout.

The equipment department is responsible for determining the Lockout tagout equipment and the lock location of each equipment.

The quality safety department prepares the Lockout tagout system.