Lockout tagout working procedure

Lockout tagout working procedure

Jul 18, 2019

Lockout tagout working procedure

(I) basic requirements

Any employee who places any part of the body near or near an energy carrying device during inspection and maintenance must first perform isolation and locking procedures.

(ii) preparation stage

1. Types of signs

Each territorial head shall make medium signs in his territory.

Specific information contained in the label includes: identified and described energy source, locking mode, confirmation mode, Lockout tagout related risks, schematic diagram of equipment layout and position of energy isolation point and corresponding risks.

Local signs are posted directly on the equipment near the entrance or safety protection area. Local signs contain specific information: energy control methods, work tasks.

2. Sign making

(1) set up a working group

Team members include maintenance personnel, territorial management personnel and safety officers.

(2) identification and evaluation

The team members shall organize the energy source identification and investigation of the equipment, and confirm all energy types, sources, release locations, lockable locations and thin impact employees, and complete the risk identification work.

Appropriate "warning words" are selected for the dangerous characteristics of the maintenance point;

Specify the specific location where the hazard point should be listed; Accurately plot the plan of the hazard point; Point out the control object and lock point of the dangerous position;

Evaluate the number of listed stocks by category;

Sign in process of drawing;

Draw local signage;

(3) hold a confirmation meeting

The working group confirms the participants and forms an accounting summary to determine which energy sources need to be locked.

(4) issue, make and post signs

The equipment management personnel shall organize relevant professional engineers to work together with the safety management personnel, and after the examination by the director of the production and technology department, the sign shall be signed by the factory director or general manager.

The sign is made by the territory and posted on site.

The security officer keeps a copy of the sign on file.

(5) conduct acceptance review

The factory director or company manager will designate a special person to lead the inspection and acceptance of the site signs together with the members of the working group.