Locks do not require locking hangings?

Locks do not require locking hangings?

Jun 29, 2019

There is no need to lockout

The power distribution box or control box has locks, and the "no closing" warning sign is hung when the switch is off. This practice is lockout tagout, which is also the traditional practice of isolating electric energy in domestic enterprises. However, this practice has the following disadvantages when compared with lockout tagout: Distribution box lock is not reliable, and generally more people can open; @ the warning sign hanging on the switch is easy to slip; . This approach only allows for power isolation. Locking and listing is a safety management method proposed by OSHA that can scientifically control dangerous energy, which is worthy of reference and application by domestic enterprises. We must always fasten the lockout with a nylon strap.

4,3 emergency stop buttons with keys are energy isolation devices

The emergency stop button with the key or the knob switch with the key, including the emergency stop button, knob switch, start button and other electrical control circuit components, can not really play the role of "physically blocking the transmission or release of dangerous energy", so they are not energy isolation devices. Although the emergency stop button with the key and the knob switch with the key can play a certain role in preventing the accidental start of the equipment after shutting down the equipment and pulling out the key, there is still the risk of "uncontrolled dangerous energy due to the improper action of the electrical main circuit components".

4. 4 temporary power and ventilation cannot perform lockout tagout process

Sometimes power or compressed air is needed for equipment maintenance, so the lockout tagout process cannot be implemented. This is not only a misunderstanding in understanding, but also a common problem encountered in the early stage of implementation of lockout tag, mostly due to resistance feedback from maintenance personnel. During the maintenance of the equipment, there is a period of power connection, such as debugging and positioning, when temporary unlock and delisting is required. The steps for temporarily unlocking and delisting are:. Clean up maintenance tools and materials; @ fulfill the steps of unlocking and delisting; . Connect to the energy, carry out necessary debugging, positioning and other work; @performs the lock listing step again. It should be made clear to the maintainer that the lockout tagout process is indispensable to the safety of the maintainer and cannot be refused.