LOTO enforces the process 2

LOTO enforces the process2

After the LOTO core group is established, the team members should be coached and trained. The purpose is to let the team members know what to do in the team and how to do it. In the actual training, because this mode was first run, there were a lot of things that members did not understand, so we tried to explore and research together. Improve the management of revised courses on LOTO training courses, the previous more general, broad. After the establishment of the LOTO core group, we revised the textbook according to the current situation of the enterprise and employees' feedback. In terms of training courses, the types of dangerous energy previously defined are so numerous that many plants do not have them at all. Redefining and identifying the sources of dangerous energy is the way to go, to make it consistent with the current state of the business, and to make it easier for LOTO team members to understand. The effectiveness of implementation shall determine which employees can do the work of listing and locking. These employees are called LOTO authorized personnel. In addition to the training for new employees, they shall also conduct retraining for old employees to ensure the correct implementation of LOTO. Process supervision at the enterprise management level, it is necessary to supervise whether the management requirements and procedures of LOTO are effectively implemented, whether there are deviations in the implementation, check and supervise whether LOTO's special locks are appropriate, whether there are damaged locks in use, and whether necessary maintenance work is needed.