Mar 25, 2021


If you have the Lockout Tagout Loto program you can prevent device related accidents, right?

Not necessarily! The Lockout Tagout Loto process does not necessarily prevent such accidents. It is important that employees accept and participate in the implementation and verification of LOTO as part of the establishment of a safety culture in the enterprise.

What should Lockout Tagout Loto training include?

The training shall be divided into authorized personnel training and affected personnel training. Authorized personnel training should include an introduction to the definition of Lockout Tagout, a review of the company's LOTO program, and guidance on using LOTO equipment to perform program steps to power off, gas off, and pressure relief to a zero energy state; Training of affected personnel shall include the purpose of the Lockout Tagout Loto and an introduction to the basic steps and scenarios for using energy to control the Lockout Tagout and training that the machine for the Lockout Tagout shall not be restarted or enabled.

Training should be conducted annually and can be combined with the annual review of the LOTO process. In the event of a change in work or equipment, the existing energy control procedures are changed, the relevant authorized personnel and affected personnel shall be trained.