LOTO: Is the hazard misunderstood?

LOTO: Is the hazard misunderstood?

Jan 30, 2021

LOTO: Is the hazard misunderstood?

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a common method used in the European and American countries to prevent the wrong operation of mechanical and electrical maintenance. In the chemical and petroleum industries, it is usually used in conjunction with the permit system to avoid safety accidents.


There are few companies in China that can provide integrated Lockout Tagout services, including Lockout Tagout program development, on-site training, lock selection and instruction.


Consultants need to have a deep understanding of Lockout tagout, energy isolation and how to connect with existing licensing systems. Engineers should have practical experience in chemical, mechanical and electrical operation and maintenance, and be able to assist customers in selecting appropriate locks and lockers according to the customer's site conditions and provide on-site guidance for use.

Most Lotolockout Tagout accidents, (not all). It's all preventable if you use the right procedures, right?

Wrong! The Lockout tagout process is not going to prevent this kind of accident. It requires employee acceptance and participation before the catalyst for change can occur.

A company may have established perfect security processes, but no employees are involved in creating, implementing, and improving those processes, and employee protection (where there is a process) is not significantly better than if there were no LOTO processes. Because LOTOLockout tagout is the most frequently cited regulation in U.S. manufacturing and the fifth most frequently sued in all industries. It is only meaningful that the majority of LOTO-related accidents can be avoided if the company has a solid LOTO process and a safety-driven safety culture.

A solid Lockout Tagout program consists of the following three main aspects:

Annual training and audit - all employees every year and affected employees must attend Lockout tagout training, in addition to review the following content: the use of employees Lockout tagout (this can be finished in daily LOTO inspection sampling), audit equipment specific Lockout tagout procedures (LOTO executable program of each device must audit review once a year, unless the same type don't each audit)

Device specific LOTO execution process - This is probably the most important and difficult part of execution for most companies.

Company Policy - The company policy states the company's position on the implementation of LOTO in the workplace.