LOTO isolation device

LOTO isolation device

Dec 03, 2019

LOTO isolation device

The amount of energy that can persist after the device is isolated. Such as energy contained in a spring, flywheel, pressure fluid or gas, capacitor, or weight.

Isolating device

A mechanical device that prevents the transfer or release of hazardous energy and materials. Such as: circuit disconnecting switch, power or safety switch, pipeline valve, blind plate, mechanical block, energy isolation similar device.


Verify the effectiveness of system or equipment isolation (e.g. verify that interlocks or other impediments to isolation have been removed).

Duties and responsibilities

The equipment department of the company shall be responsible for the formulation and maintenance of this code, management and assessment of Lockout tagout, and the quality, safety and environmental protection department shall provide supervision, consultation and support for the implementation of this code.

Each unit shall be responsible for the management and implementation of Lockout tagout procedures within the scope of its business and shall provide resource assurance.