LOTO purpose

LOTO purpose

Jul 02, 2020

LOTO purpose

In enterprise safety management process, because of the lack of safety consciousness, not trained or not aware of the existence of the risk in the process of operation, ignored or overlooked dangerous energy, could not be clear and be able to recognize and to a listing on the lock/hazardous energy isolation part and violation of safety operating rules, often can cause major production safety accidents.

The hazardous energy isolation, perform Lockout tagout (LOTO) process and measures of safety management, is to ensure that the enterprise production safety and stable operation of processing equipment, ensure workers no dangerous energy injury indispensable management means, through to the hazardous energy isolation, Lockout tagout methods of warning, preventing production safety accidents, personal injury accidents occur, ensure enterprise process safety management activities in accordance with occupational health and safety management, process safety management system requirements.

Scope of application

It is mainly applicable to the control of dangerous energy that may cause injury to personnel and damage to equipment, and the protection steps, techniques, designs, methods and performance indexes to control the accidental release of dangerous energy, so as to avoid injury to personnel and damage to equipment.

It is suitable for project design, project construction, trial production, stop production, resumption of production, change, cleaning and demolition in the whole life cycle of process safety management. It is suitable for the installation, construction, repair, adjustment, inspection, dredge, setting, fault finding, testing, cleaning, disassembly, maintenance and maintenance of machines in the whole life cycle of enterprises (except the design and manufacture of machines).

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