LOTO rules

LOTO rules

Jun 15, 2019

Hangtag means that when the energy isolation device cannot be locked, the warning sign shall be hung on the energy isolation device in accordance with the Lockout tagout process, and the warning energy isolation device and controlled equipment shall not be operated until the warning sign is removed.

(6) Lockout tagout process, also known as "hazardous energy control process", is a written process document that includes information that authorized employees must know about the steps required to control hazardous energy during equipment repairs and maintenance.

2. 3 personnel responsibilities

(3) responsibilities of the program manager: develop and improve the program, and supervise the implementation of the program; Training staff; Issue Lockout tagout process CARDS and appliances; To take the necessary decisions to ensure the successful implementation of the procedures; Full authority to suspend any operation related to dangerous energy damage

(4) duties of maintenance and production supervisor: supervise and urge employees to consciously implement Lockout tagout process during equipment maintenance and repair.

(5) responsibilities of authorized employees (i.e., employees who are authorized to execute the locked listing process, such as maintenance and operation personnel in need) : abide by and execute the locked listing process; Receive training and feedback; Knowledge and skills of hazard energy identification, isolation and safe release.

(6) responsibilities of affected employees (such as those who operate or operate in the equipment repair and maintenance activity area) : receive training; Understand the importance of "Lockout tagout"," do not change the Lockout tagout state ", "do not start, do not operate any Lockout tagout devices".