Loto security professional issues

Loto security professional issues

Sep 12, 2020

Loto security professional issues

1. Are there any energy drawings?

Yes, energy isolation diagram: 68 energy isolation points (valves and switches) are marked on the drawing; 54 hydraulic power; 8 electric energy; Compressed air and circulating water 6.

2. Where is the area divided?

Acid regeneration: acid regeneration first floor, acid regeneration second floor, acid regeneration third floor, acid regeneration fourth floor, acid regeneration fifth floor.

Grinding roller room: No. 1 grinding machine, No. 2 grinding machine, roughening machine, No. 1 disassembling machine, No. 2 disassembling machine, roll turning machine.

3. How much energy is there:

There are four kinds of energy: electric energy, hydraulic energy, compressed air and circulating water.

4. Number of tasks:

The basis of task sorting: take the set of equipment as the benchmark; Prepare six aspects of each set of equipment, including maintenance, patrol inspection, TPM, fault treatment, process inspection and production operation.

After combing:

Clean up and operate projects that do not require energy isolation

5. Is the operator familiar with the risks of each task

6. Role of the whole machine isolation instruction: Overall regional energy media Lockout Tagout energy isolation

7. Meeting organization: two meetings a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Meeting place: Pickling workers' home

8. Risk Assessment:

11. Personal feeling in essential security? (For example, understand Lockout Tagout through training, standardize shutdown operation, and increase maintenance safety)

The central idea of essential safety: reduce safety risk; Improve employee safety literacy

12. Identify the isolation point of the whole machine and compile the isolation instruction of the whole set:

13. Sorted out and compiled classification isolation instructions:

Training Content:

(1) Noun understanding:

Centralized listing person -- the authorized person, or possibly the centralized listing person, is responsible for the whole process of the listing person's lock verification activity, and ensures that the affected personnel and equipment will not be harmed or damaged by energy. (Spot Inspection Engineer)

Verifier - assists and supervises the authorized personnel Lockout Tagout process, validates locking points and validates operations. (Post operation)

Affected personnel - refers to the personnel performing maintenance or repair of equipment in the case of energy isolation, or those in the maintenance or repair area. (Maintenance personnel)