LOTO training

LOTO training

Oct 22, 2019

LOTO training

Training is done every year. Authorized employees should be trained in identifying sources, types, and sizes of hazardous energy at the common ancestor site. Methods, devices, and procedures used to lock, verify, or otherwise control all stations and all types of equipment (including wire and plug connections) will also be examined to accept the transfer of locking responsibilities.

Affected employees should be trained to identify and understand the purpose of the energy control procedures and the importance of not attempting to start or use the locked machine or equipment.


Retraining should be carried out in any of the following cases.

Changes were made to a machine and mechanism.

A program or engineering change causes a new hazard.

Changes were made to energy control procedures and equipment.

An error was detected in the energy control program.

New or modified energy control methods will be used.

Hired new staff.