LOTOTO energy isolation

LOTOTO energy isolation

Aug 18, 2020

LOTOTO energy isolation

LOTOTO requirements

Labelling requirements

Warning message (e.g., no start, no open, no close, no operation)

Signature of the locksmith (if the contractor's personnel, the contractor's company name shall be negotiated)

Contact information of authorized personnel (walkie-talkie/telephone)

Date and time of listing

LOTOTO requirements

The requirements of the lock

Each individual lock assigned to an authorized person corresponds to only one key.

Everyone working on the equipment, including Henkel and contractor employees, must use his personal lock

Keys can only be held and used by the owner of the corresponding lock.

Panel lock

A lock or lock box is required when using a group lock.

Henkel employees and contractors use different color locks and tags (for example, Henkel employees use white tags and red locks; Contractors use blue tags and blue locks)

If the contractor is involved in performing maintenance services, henkel's authorized personnel shall perform the LOTO before the Contractor begins work, and the Contractor shall then place his personal locks/labels in the same location. When the work is completed, the contractor's personnel will first remove his personal lock/label and then the Henkel employee will inspect the work and then remove his personal lock/label.