LoToTo energy Isolation (Lock out Tag out)

LoToTo energy Isolation (Lock out Tag out)

Nov 17, 2020

LoToTo energy Isolation (Lock out Tag out)

Training objectives and follow-up actions

This training is designed to provide basic requirements for energy isolation, LOTOTO, and safety related mouth disconnection, in accordance with Henkel procedures and industry standards and good practices.

The factory shall establish relevant operating procedures to clarify relevant safety requirements to meet the requirements of Henkel global and local laws and regulations. In the event of a conflict, ensure that local regulatory requirements are followed as a priority.

The factory needs to further train more relevant employees and new employees on the site, and they can be included in the regular training plan of the factory.

The factory needs to conduct gap analysis self-assessment and establish action plan. Action plan should be followed up to completion. The factory shall conduct annual audit on the management and implementation of its on-site related procedures.



Refers to the lock set at the energy isolation point in accordance with the program to ensure that the dangerous energy source is always isolated before unlocking and the relevant equipment system cannot be started.


A sign that is programmed to be disposed of at the locked position of the isolation point, indicating that the energy has been isolated and the device cannot be started until it is unlocked.