LoToTo energy Isolation (Lock out Tag out) 2

LoToTo energy Isolation (Lock out Tag out) 2

Nov 19, 2020

Zero energy state

When operating on equipment or systems, ensure that all dangerous energy sources that could cause harm to operators are isolated and locked, and are not accidentally released.

Absolute isolation

A more reliable isolation of hazardous energy sources including inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances by means of physical disconnection, including the following ways:

Remove the disconnected part of the pipe or add a blind plate to plug it

Remove the fuse from the electrical system

Disconnect pipe connection

Before energy isolation, consider...

Can a single device/system implement the LOTOTO SOP?

Can the system or device be quarantined? Can it be locked?

Or is it controlled with a LOTOTO license?

Scope of application

"Applicable in the maintenance work of the machine/equipment, which may be caused by accidental electrification, or the machine started or stored energy released by two teams of employees."

Typical jobs may include:

Replacement and disassembly of repair and reconstruction parts, adjustment, plugging clearance, lubrication and cleaning inspection