LOTOTO requirements

LOTOTO requirements

Dec 10, 2020

LOTOTO requirements

The isolation device that can be locked shall be locked by an authorized person and the isolation device shall be in a "secure" or "closed" state;

When the lock itself cannot display the lock date and time and the lock owner information, the tag should be used;

For the isolation of equipment with voltage greater than 360V, the first lock shall be put on by the electrical personnel, and then the second lock shall be put on by the production personnel/supervisor; Lock/tag setting and unlocking can only be done with the assistance of electrical personnel.

The supervisor in the area where the work is to be performed shall be responsible for setting up the production personnel/supervisor lock and/or listing on the isolation equipment. Therefore, at least two locks (operator's personal lock and supervisor lock) shall be set during the isolation, and the supervisor lock shall be removed first and last on the equipment. (Exceptions: When isolating equipment normally operated by a designated person, the master lock/tag may not be set).

Blind isolation also requires the setting of label hanging;

When the distance between the actual site isolation point and the control point is far away, it is recommended to put labels on the control point.